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San Cristobal del gremi de pellicers Valencia 1888 archivo J Huguet

GREMI DE PELAIRES Pelaires Union , one of the most important of the City, were devoted to comb wool. In the middle of the XVII century its union house was located near the Quart street, in the so-called Tirador orchard.

  This Union erected a chapel in the Corona street, in honour to St. Christopher, which was demolished in 1908. The image was moved to the neighbouring parish of San Michael, There it stayed until 1936 when the 6,10 meter-high colossal image of the Holy Saint was destroyed. It was sculpted by Tomas Comergues

GREMI DE TUNDIDORS Tundidors Union was another valencian union. It had a special devotion to St. Christopher. In fact, it invoked the saint as a patron. It was devoted to even the cloths with scissors. In its union flag it flies the image of the saint with some scissors crowned in gold, all of this on crimson fund with strips and adornments of the appraised metal.

SANT CRISTOFOL DELS COMPANYS Also it existed the former "Gremi and Confradia of Saint Christopher dels Companys", that it was devoted to the carriage and load of objects

GREMI DE LLENYATERS Another unions venerated to St. Christopher, as that of "llenyaters" devoted to the sale and load of fuelwood

GREMI DE PELLICERS That of "pellicers" related to the skins or that of "pellers" or ropavejeros, whose union house was about Convent of the Magdalenas ( market square). In one of its walls it existed a great altarpiece devoted to the saint, that it gave the name to the street: "Saint Christopher dels pellers".

CONCORDIA DE SAN CRISTÓBAL DEL GRAO It existed a confraternity with the name of “Concordia de cargadores y descargadores de tierra” outside the city walls, in Vilanova of the Grau, current port neighbourhood. They invoked St. Christopher as a protector. It was founded around the end of XVI century and it loses its monopoly on the commodities clearing in 1846.

San Cristobal
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