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The foundation of the Real Monastery of St. Christopher of Valencia date of the year 1409. In that year a nuns community of canonesas of San Agustín was inhabiting in the Monastery of Santa Barbara of Alcira; but due to the ruin state in which were found the building it is decided to moved to Valencia to occupy a new Convent, in the streets of the Peace and of the Sea and just opposite of the street of St. Christopher.

This new foundation is produced near the church of St. Christopher, until the 10th July of 1391, it had been a synagogue of the Jewry of the city.

In that date, a small image of St. Christopher, two spans height, appeared buried under the floor of the synagogue. Tthis event was accompanied of voices and other events that they were considered as a miracle

   The King Juan I of Aragon took under his protection and patronage this Church and he dispatched a Real Certificate on the 8th November of 1392, in which he instituted a benefit with the title of Archpriesthood.

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In the beginning of the XVI century, the factory of the Monastery receives an important impulse by Sir Francisco Juan Roca de la Serna that he was a canon and benefactor of the Monastery.

The building of the Convent could harbor until forty four nuns.It is appropriate to emphasize theses stays: the communion rail, the choir and its two cloisters for its carefully done architecture and decoration.

   In relation to the Church, it was built with an alone nave with six lateral chapels. In the part of the gospel and in its first chapel, it were finding the image of St. Christopher found in the XIV century. At its feet, it appeared a plate with the following registration in valencian: It was found this figure of the glorious Martyr Saint Christopher under the floor of this Church where weare today. In Valencia, 9th July of 1391.

San Agustín and Patriarch San José chapels were located near this, a smallest one, under the choir, consecrated to Purísima Concepción too.  

In the part of the epistle we find the Virgin entitled "Parto sin Dolor". It appeared in a painting about the Nativity of our Lord. In the second chapel, it existed a crucified Christ and the third one was cosecrated to San Antonio of Padua.

The access to the High Altar was reached by a staircase of ten steps with iron rail and there was put an image of St. Christopher of greater size to the original of the century XIV.

The church was improved according to the pleasures of the era in the year 1672.