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St. Christopher was born in Sidón or Tiro in first half of the century III A.D. His death was produced between 249 and 251 A.D. during the persecution of Decio.

According to the tradition, he was son of a cananeo king and before embracing the Christianity he was called Relicto. He was a man of a great stature and appearance. During his youth he put his sword to the service of Gordian, Roman emperor. However, he always wanted to be at the service of the most powerful King in the land. And he was it when he heard to speak of Jesus Christ. He was instructed by a hermit. This recommended Relicto to use his stature to serve to God and to the others.

It is believed that his conversion was produced in the region of Licia and there began to transport travellers to allow them to ford the river until a day that he saw a child in the border. When he asked him what he wanted, the child asked him d to cross to the other border. Catching him on his shoulders he felt a great weight and asking to him, the child said to him that he finally had found his Sir and that on his shoulders had carried to Christ. Since then it was called Christopher that it means bearing of Christ. The child promised to him that the croizer that he was carrying in the hand would blossom and it would be filled with fruits and thus happened. This is the origin of the palm with the one which is represented to the Holy in many places. After this episode Christopher was baptized by the Patriarch Babilas in his basilica of Antioquia.

Time after, an emperor Decio's edict was made public compelling to make sacrifices to the pagan gods and pursuing to the Christians that refused to this. Dagón, the prefect of Licia, put on execution the decree and among many others, St. Christopher was detained and interrogated. It was submitted to multitude of torments: flagellation with iron rods, red-hot iron hull on the head and finally the gridiron that did not burn his body. Finally he was hit with arrows without any result, therefore his head was cut not without having worked a miracle on the own prefect that would be converted to the Christianity.

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It is long time ago that he is Patron of the wakers and this explains the current patronage of the motorists. Its festivity is celebrated on 10th July, though in ancient times it took place 25 of July.

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